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A report by the end of the project on the Tablet TV an interview with Branislav butcher the end of the project and continuing in 2017, when they first inspection accessible to natural and legal persons.

Pro Monumenta in German...

Pro Monumenta hilft bei der Rettung von Kulturdenkmälern...

Article on the website "Norway the official website in Slovakia"

Craftsmen patrols secure maintenance of cultural monuments

Article on the website of our partner organisation Riksantikvaren in Norway

Article translated from Norwegian with Google translator:

Taking inspiration from the Netherlands cooperates Cultural Heritage and NDEA now with Monuments Board in Slovakia in the project Pro monuments. The aim is to develop good maintenance routines for historical buildings.

Today it is used many historic buildings actively as a basis for knowledge, experiences, employment and wealth creation locally and regionally. The buildings are dependent on good and regular maintenance. This is the theme of the EEA project Pro Monumenta that now rolled out in Slovakia.

Inspired by the Dutch system Monumentenwacht where private and public sectors working together to provide owners of historic buildings offer easy inspection and maintenance.

Good Cultural Heritage

- The idea behind Pro Monumenta is to see if Dutch experiences also can fit in Slovakia. It is also about good cultural heritage, of repairing minor damage now can avoid major repairs later, says Harald Ebony, Head of Cultural Heritage.

The project is financed by the EEA Grants and Cultural Heritage is one of the Norwegian partners in the project. Also National Fortress Works participating in the collaboration.

- There is no similar system in Norway. The project can provide useful experience says Ebony.

Ongoing maintenance

The project has three teams of experts and craftsmen, each of which goes around in each region in Slovakia. Along the way, craftsmen necessary materials and equipment to carry out small repairs. Focusing on selected public buildings will be made, a status report of the damage and provided recommendations for future maintenance. The goal is to do surveys annually.

Well received by professionals and owners

Monuments Board driver project in Slovakia, and are very satisfied.

- So far, the project has been well received by both professionals and owners. In today's society has less and less time to maintain itself - would therefore very much appreciate the professional help and advice. Professional craftsmen and architects can provide advice and guidance and sensitize people on why it's positive to use traditional methods of maintenance work, says Pavol Izvolt, technical coordinator of the project.

According Izvolt was conducted 44 performance reports in 2014 and several small maintenance work.

- Now we are looking at ways we can build on the program, for example through sponsorship or cooperation with industry, says Pavol Izvolt.

More information

Project Pro monument has received support through the Slovak cultural heritage program. Here are the project's website.

EEA Grants are Norway's contribution to economic and social cohesion in Europe. The funds also helps to strengthen the contact between Norway and recipient countries through project cooperation. Read more about Cultural Heritage works with EEA Grants

Monumentenwacht is a Dutch system for maintenance of historic buildings. There are several regional branches in the Netherlands working with the methodology, but the system has no parent website. Here you will find links to the regional pages.

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Article on the website of our partner organisation Riksantikvaren in Norway

The Article on the website